Webcam country blues guitar- acoustic blues guitar-prewar blues guitar- fingerstyle blues guitar lessons via Skype with Acoustic Guitar Magazine contributor  and author Glenn Weiser   

Glenn Weiser is the author of 10 book on guitar and harmonica and has contributed instructional articles to Acoustic Guitar and Sing Out! magazines. A private music instructor with over 30 years of experience now based in Southwick, MA, he teaches webcam lessons via Skype on the prewar acoustic fingerpicking blues style called country blues. Acoustic Guitar magazine has described Glenn as a "master teacher," and he has taught at David Barrett's Masterclass.
       Lessons are available for all ages and skill levels. You can learn the styles of such prewar greats as Robert Johnson, Mississippi  John Hurt, Rev Gary Davis, Blind Leon Jefferson, and others.
       The way webcam lessons work is that you and Glenn select a time and date for the lesson by email or phone. Next you provide payment online at least 24 hours in advance of the lesson. You and Glenn then get on        Skype, and then it's on to the lesson. Rates for webcam lessons are $25 per half-hour, $45 for 1 hour, $90 for 4 weekly half-hour lessons, and $160 for 4 weekly 1-hour lesson. See Glenn's current openings here. Information on getting started with Skype is below.
Email: Cell -413-455-9215.                                                                

See Glenn's books on guitar and harmonica
See Glenn's Acoustic Guitar Magazine guitar columns

Listen to Glenn on YouTube (guitar, harmonica & vocals)

Sweet Home Chicago Statesboro Blues
The Sky Is Crying From Four Until Late

Getting Started with Skype-

1. If you're new to Skype the first thing youíll need a webcam. Many laptops have webcams/mics built in. If you'r computer lacks a webcam, see Webcams on Google.

2. If youíre studying acoustic guitar, you can use earphones or speakers to listen with, and  a desktop microphone to play through.  For mic options, see desktop microphones on

3. Now download Skype. Itís free, and easy to use. Get Skype. Note: download the free version. Because webcam-to webcam Skype calls are free, you don't need a Skype account for online lessons. Skype accounts are only used for calling telephones with Skype, so don't create an account

4. You'll also need a high speed Internet connection such as DSL or cable (minimum requirements for video conferencing: upload 300 Kb, download 1 Mb). You can test your connection speed at

5. Useful accessories for lessons are a music stand, an electronic guitar tuner, (I like the Korg CA-1-instructions for using the tuner are here) and a metronome (the electronic ones are more accurate- the Matrix MR-500 is good one). If you are studying a stringed instrument, make sure you are in tune and up to pitch before your lesson.

6. You can pay online for lessons with most major credit cards or PayPal. You can also pay by personal check.  Sign up for a free PayPal account here.


          To pay online for one or more lessons with Paypal, select an option from the
drop-down menu, and then click on the Buy Now button.

Lesson Options


            Payment can also be made by sending a check or money order to: P.O. Box 11282, Portland, ME, 04104.

    Acoustic Guitar magazine columns by Glenn
    Guitar and harmonica books by Glenn                   
    Listen to Glenn on YouTube  

Glenn's current openings
Cell (207) 329-4889


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