Blues and Rock Harmonica
by Glenn Weiser


This is the table of contents of Glenn Weiser's book "Blues and Rock Harmonica," a book/CD package that teaches the essential skills of blues harmonica from the beginning to the advanced levels.

Chapter One: About the harmonica.
Chapter Two: Getting started.
Chapter Three: Music notation,
             Solos 1 & 2, 31 basic riffs.
Chapter Four: The 12-bar blues form, Solo 3.
Chapter Five: What is blues harp, exactly?
             Scale degrees for I, IV, and V                     chords - cross harp.
Chapter Six: Learning your way around the                 harmonica.
Chapter Seven: Note Bending, Solos 6 & 7.
Chapter Eight: How to improvise, pentatonic
             major and minor riffs, riffs with          
             accidentals, Easy Rider, Solos 8-13.
Chapter Nine: Straight harp, Solo 14.
Chapter Ten: Third position, positions 4-6,                Solo15.

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Chapter Eleven: Train noises, tricks, and special techniques, Solo 16.
Chapter Twelve: Playing rock, scale degree charts for 12 positions in cross and straight harp, Solo 17.
Chapter Thirteen: Jamming with other musicians.
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