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     Celtic Music and Culture Links
Compiled by Glenn Weiser
Celtic Music-
Glenn's Online Tunebook
Celtic Musicians. Net
The Ancient Music of Ireland
Turlough O' Carolan Page
The Irish Traditional Music Archive
Music in Scotland
G8INA's Irish Music Links
The Harp Page
Celtic Music Newgroups
The Session - 6000+ Tunes
Irish Tunebooks Online
Traditional Irish Music
Celtic Music
Irish Music Box
Harp Net
Texas Celtic Music Network
Irish Music Newsgroup
Scots Gaelic Songs
The Thistle and Shamrock
Irish World Music Centre
Celtic Music Links and Info
Gentraige-Celtic Music Links
UCC Web Music Resources
Graham's Celtic/Folk Links
European Celtic Music Webites.
The IrTrad-L List
The Highland Bagpipes
The Traditional Celtic Music Webring
The Harp Ring
The Gold Ring
Celtic Fiddle Bibliography
Don Walsh's Celtic Music Links
The Ring of The Red Dragon
Rhode Island's Irish Connection
The Cheiftans' Website
Celtic Links on Google
Stonecircle-New Celtic Band
O'Neill's Irish Music Page Sidney John Watkins' Celtic Links
Katie Adams-Scottish Harpist
A History of Ireland in Song
Dick Gaughan's Website
Celtic Hammer Dulcimer
Celtic MP3s Music Magazine
The Irish Tin Whistle
Marcille Wallis-

The Carolan Project -Tab
St. James Gate - Irish Band
Scottish Clans Webring
Bow Triplets-Swiss Celtic
John "The Yank" Harrington
Anything Scottish Webring
Irish Dance Webring
Irish and Celtic Ring Japan
The Celtic Ring
Brendan Power/Celtic harmonica virtuoso

The Cattle Raid of Cooley in English
The McKrells
The Nettles
Ghostwood-Celtic Music Studio
Banshee in the Kitchen-Celtic Band
The Celtic Rat Pack
Celtic Guitarist John Doyle
John Renbourne - fingerstyle guitar god
Celtic Ways-Links
Celtica Magazine (in Italian)
Trigalia-Celtic festivals (Italian)
Salmon's Leap-Chicago Duo
Celtic Music Links
Celtic Web Radio
Oxford Fiddle Group Tunes

Irish & Scottish Interest-
Best of Ireland Directory
Discover Ireland Directory
The Celtic Center
The Irish Times Online
Information on Co. Mayo
Information on Connemara
Irish Family History Foundation

Mass Academy of Celtic Music
Irish Internet Hub
Irish Net
Ireland Mega Links
Pat's Irish Page

Heritage of Scotland
Celtic Web Art
Celtic Fonts
Information about Ireland
The Emerald Ring
The Celtic Culture Webring
The Celtic Heritage Webring
Celtic Treasures-Celtic Related Products
Celtic Music and Dance in the Netherlands

Irish Links
Caro's Irish Music Links
NiceOne/Irish Directory
Big Plain Records
Global Irish/Surf Engine
Irish Hearth Soaps/Music Links
Browse Ireland
All Things Celtic
Celtic Music at Yahoo!
U.S. Scots Webring
Ceolas List of Celtic Radio Programs (WW)
Local Ireland/Directory
Shamrock-Irish Search Engine
Highland Dance Webring
All Things Cornish Webring
The Celtic Website Ring
The Celtic Renaissance Web Ring
Isle of Man Webring
Terry Blankenship-Celtic Bouzuki
Uilleann Pipe Obsession
The Arizona Irish Music Society
Music in Scotland
Tartan TV Shopping Mall
Celtic Wonder
Celtic Clip Art
The Highlander Web Magazine
Celtic Nations World
Celtic Art Cultures


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