Harmonica Links by Glenn Weiser

marin.gif (6794 bytes) Here is a list of selected harmonica links. Make sure you check out my main harmonica page. - G.W.
The Society for the Preservation 
  and Advancement of the Harmonica

SPAH'S Welcome to Harp-L page

Sonny Boy's Lonesome Cabin
Slidemeister-Chromatic Harp Site
The Blues Harp Page
The Harmonica Educator
Adan Gussow's Homepage (Satan and Adam)
HarpTabs-Online Harmonica Tab
France Harmonica
Larry Adler
Richard Hunter's Harmonica Page
Center for the Study of Free Reed Instruments
Bassharp Harp Base
Hering Harmonicas
L. Ron Hubbard-Harmonica Player
Sonny Boy II Info Brasil
Harmonica Player's Webring
Mike Stevens, Bluegrass Harmonicist
National Harmonica League (U.K.)
Free Harmonica Tablature Font
Magic Dave Therault
George Fields/Classical Harmonica
Danny Wilson's Listing of Harmonica Gigs
Dave Barrett's Harmonica Masterclass
Harmonica Links at Googley
The Harmonica Hall of Fame
Dutch Harmonica Museum Artifact List

Mark's Harmonica Haven
Jon Gindick's Homepage
Dennis Gruenling's Homepage
The Harmonica Instructional Video Game
Harmonica France (French language site)
Ron Good's Harphouse
Don Baker - Irish harmonica player
Anthony Lau - MrHarmonica.com
Tony Eyers Homepage

HarmonicaClub.com -Lessons and tab
HarpOnLine-Harp Supplies in Germany 
DaveGage.com-Harp player and instructor
Jan van Gastel's Blues Harmonica Site

Richie Blue-San Diego Harp Player
Atlanta Harmonica Lessons
The Bendometer-software to measure bending
Bluegrass Harmonica Group
Willi Burger-Italian Classical Harmonicist
Hendrik Meurkens-Jazz Harmonica
The Harp-L Archives
Harp House-everything for the harmonica player
Mike Will's Page
Jack's Harmonica Page
King's Harmonica Quintet Links
Harmonica and Other Instruments Links
Hohner USA
Jerry Portnoy
Charlie McCoy
Harmonica-related gigs schedule
Pat Missin- Harp Tech and Player
Lee Oskar Harmonicas
Wilbur's Music and Blues Page
Charlie Musselwhite
David McKelvy Trio
Yellow Pine Harmonica Festival
Planet Harmonica: E-Zine
The Harmonica Honker
Harmonica Player (Germany)
Tabledit-tab software (supports harmonica) 
Robert Bonfiglio/Chromatic Classical Player
Harmonica Lessons.com
Donny Moretone's Page
How to Read Music-Online Course
Music Theory-Online Course
Bluesharp.Org-Your Harmonica Portal
Paul Butterfield Links
Steve Baker's Homepage
Directory of Harmonica Teachers
The Dude Harp-Custom Harmonicas
JJ Slim-Husband-wife duo with harmonica 
Madcat Ruth - Harmonica Wizard
Svang-Finnish Harmonica Quartet

Harmonica Links
Vince Cheney's Blues Site
Barefootiano - harmonica music
Cara Cooke-Fiddle Style Harmonica Player

Harmonica Tips and Lessons
Hetrick Harmonica
Harmonica Tunes

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