The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow - staff notation

The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow - staff notation
Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow - staff notation

Lyrics: [ Callín Deas Cruíte na mBó ] "Pretty Maid Milking Her Cow"
Attributed to Thomas Moore

It being on a fine summer's morning
As the birds sweetly tuned on each bough
I heard a fair maid sing most charming
As she sat milking her cow

Her voice was enchanting melodious
Which left me scarce able to go
My heart, it was soothed with solace
By the cailín deas crúite na mbó

I courteously did salute her
Good morning, most amiable maid
I'm your captive slave for the future
Kind sir, do not banter,' she said...

I'm not such a precious rare jewel
That I should enamour you so
I am but a plain county girl
Says the cailín deas crúite na mbó

The Indies afford no such jewels
So precious, so transparent clear
Oh do not refuse me, my jewel
Consent now and love me, my dear

For riches I care not a farthing
It's your love that I want and no more
I'd rather live poor on the mountain
With my cailín deas crúite na mbó'

I don't understand what you mean, sir
I ne'er was a slave yet to love
For these feelings I have no desire
I pray your affection remove

To marry, I can assure you
That state I will not undergo
I'm prepared to live single and airy
Says the cailín deas crúite na mbó...

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