Marching Through Georgia

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Marching Through Georgia*
(Henry Clay Work)

Bring the good old bugle boys, we'll sing another song.
Sing it with a spirit that will start the world along
Sing it as we used to sing it fifty thousand strong,
While we were marching through Georgia.

cho: Hurrah! Hurrah! We bring the Jubilee!
     Hurrah! Hurrah!  The flag that makes you free,
     So we sang the chorus from Atlanta to the sea,
     While we were marching through Georgia!

How the darkeys shouted when they heard the joyful sound!
How the turkeys gobbled that our commissary found!
How the sweet potatoes even started from the ground
While we were marching through Georgia.

Yes, and there were Union men who wept with joyful tears,
When they saw the honored flag they had not seen for years!
Hardly could they be restrained from breaking forth in cheers,
While we were marching through Georgia.

"Sherman's dashing Yankee boys will never reach the coast!"
So the saucy rebels said, and 'twas a handsome boast,
Had they not forgot, alas, to reckon with the host
While we were marching through Georgia.

So we made a throroughfare for Freedom and her train
Sixty miles in latitude, three hundred to the main;
Treason fled before us for resistance was in vain
While we were marching through Georgia.

*Advisory to musicians: performing this tune down South may result in serious bodily injury.

Illustration from Harper's Weekly - Union troops burning Atlanta's public buildings, depots, and factories in 1864.

Atlanta after General Sherman's troops burned the city.

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