Woodstock, Beatnik & Hippy Links
Compiled  by Glenn Weiser

Here are some stone groovy links to some far out Web scenes! 
And dig-you should, like, trip around to some of the other really happening Woodstock pages here:
Woodstock 69-
Woodstock Nation
The WELL's Woodstock Conference
Woodstock 69/Eriq and Greg Jones

Ross's Woodstock Story
Jesse Slokum-Woodstock Veteran
The Woodstock Project
The Woodstock Preservation Site
Artie Kornfield's Woodstock Page
Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
Elliott Landy's Landy Vision

The Hippies-
Jerry Rubin
10 Best Abbie Hoffman Sites
The Old Hippie's Groovy Website
The Wild Bohemian Homepage
Haight-Ashbury/Hippies on the Web
The Digger Archives
Lisa Law's Photos 1965-1971
Hippie Connections
The Hippy Museum
Ken Kesey's Intrepid Trips Page
Further Trips With Ken Kesey
Merry Pranksters History Project
Ken Kesey Bio Sketch
Books by and about Ken Kesey
Ken Babbs' Home Page

Wavy Gravy's Home Page
Haight-Ashbury in the 1960s
The Psychedelic Library

The 1960s Underground Press
History of The East Village Other
Country Joe MacDonald's Page
Bert Sommer Remembered-Woodstock
Another Pranksters Page
Merry Pranksters at Wikipedia
Psychedelic 60's
Wheeler's Ranch-60's Commune in CA
The Farm/Steve Gaskin
The Music Festival Home Page
Tim Leary's Home Page
Timothy Leary Links
Baba Ram Dass/Richard Alpert
The Unofficial Rainbow Family Page
The Summer of Love Page
Ladybear's Den
The R. Crumb Museum
Owsley Stanley's Website
Owsley Stanley Bio

The Beatniks-
The Beat Page
The Beat Generation Archive
Literary Kicks/Beatnik Writers
Jack Kerouac Page
Jack Kerouac on People Finders
Allen Ginsberg Wikipedia Page
Allen Ginsberg Project
"Howl," by Allen Ginsberg
William S. Burroughs
Gregory Corso Page
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Route 66/The Beatniks
The Bohemians-19th century hippies

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