Christmas Carols For Solo Guitar - Review

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Christmas Carols for Solo Guitar
Glenn Weiser, 1996
Centerstream Publishing

"Christmas time is a time for celebration and music making. It never fails that as a fingerstyle player, you are asked to play a Christmas tune or two for family and friends, or as part of a performance. So it's almost a requirement that every fingerstyle player have a tune or two in his/her repertoire to fill these requests.

"If you find yourself in need of some Christmas material to round out your repertoire, this is a book to seriously consider. Glenn has put together 21 intermediate arrangements of some of the more well known Christmas tunes (see the tunes list below). All these arrangements, like most of Glenn's work, are in standard tuning or dropped D (50%). I've always liked the dropped D tuning myself because that low D root note adds such a great quality to a piece. These dropped D arrangements are no exception That low D adds a special depth to the music; which makes these Christmas tunes sound great and fun to play."
                                                                                      -Paul Kucharski


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